UNEK, an Academic Entrepreneurship Maturity Model for Technological Faculties

Leire Markuerkiaga, N. Errasti, C. Ochoa, M. Arcelus


Academic entrepreneurship has become one of the main challenges of higher education institutions all over Europe, having evolved from individual non-interconnected activities developed by academic institutions to a more structured and systematic need. Historically, activities have been in place across Europe but efforts are fragmented and often driven by external actors instead of by the education system itself. Few universities in Europe have academic entrepreneurship activities based on an entrepreneurship strategy with clear objectives and measurement that really focus on the local needs and context. Therefore, higher education institutions require an adequate and cohesive framework that encompasses the various dimensions of entrepreneurship education. In order to deal with this situation, the Polytechnic College of Donostia - San Sebastián (UPV-EHU), the School of Engineering Tecnun (University of Navarra) and Mondragon University's Faculty of Engineering, financed by Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, developed a project called UNEK. The main objective of the project was to analyse the academic entrepreneurial situation of Gipuzkoa’s technological faculties, providing them with an entrepreneurial maturity model proposal.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial University, Entrepreneurial Maturity Model, Entrepreneurship education, University–Industry Cooperation

UNEK, un Modelo de Madurez de Emprendimiento Académico para facultades tecnológicas

Resumen: El emprendimiento académico se ha convertido en uno de los principales retos de las instituciones de educación superior de toda Europa. Pocas universidades en Europa tienen actividades de emprendimiento académico basadas en una estrategia de emprendimiento, con objetivos claros. Por ello, se requiere de un marco adecuado y cohesivo que abarque las diversas dimensiones de la educación emprendedora. Para hacer frente a esta situación se ha desarrollado un proyecto llamado UNEK. El objetivo principal del proyecto es analizar la situación de emprendimiento académico de las facultades tecnológicas de Gipuzkoa, aportándoles una propuesta de modelo de madurez de emprendimiento.

Palabras clave: Universidad Emprendedora, Modelo de Madurez de Emprendimiento, Educación en Emprendimiento, Cooperación Universidad-Empresa

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