Estado actual de la investigación sobre Segmentación de clientes y Flexibilidad de la cadena de suministro. El desafío futuro de la Microsegmentación

Luciano Romualdo Novais, Juan Manuel Maqueira, Angel Ortiz Bas


Este artículo analiza el estado actual de la investigación sobre la Segmentación de Clientes (SC) y la Flexibilidad de la Cadena de Suministro (FCS). Para ello se realiza una revisión sistemática de 38 artículos que tratan sobre la relación entre SC y FCS. A partir de este análisis se destaca el consenso sobre la existencia de una relación positiva entre SC y FCS. También se destaca el desafío futuro que presenta la investigación sobre la utilización de estrategias de Microsegmentación de Clientes (MSC), como son la personalización y personalización en masa, como respuesta productiva a la necesidad de FCS.
Palabras claves: Revisión de la Literatura, Segmentación de Clientes, Flexibilidad de la Cadena de Suministro, Microsegmentación de clientes, Personalización en masa

Current status of research on Customer Segmentation and Supply Chain Flexibility. The Future Challenge of Microsegmentation

Abstract: This article analyzes the current state of the research on Customer Segmentation (SC) and Supply Chain Flexibility (FCS). For this, a systematic review of the literature is carried out to identify the lines of work developed as an intersection between the two concepts. This review makes it possible to identify the findings to date and to provide guidelines for future research in this area. In this paper we select and analyze 38 articles that were grouped into three lines of research: (1) Flexible processes along the supply chain and their impacts in the SC, where we analyze the flexibility in the fields of Manufacturing , Logistics, Marketing and Financial; (2) ICT as a technological support to the FCS and SC, referring to the approaches on Information Integration, its impact on the results, both operational and economic and in Electronic Commerce and (3) The variability of the demand and its relations with the FCS, where the uncertainty of demand and fluctuations in demand are analyzed. From this analysis, the consensus on the existence of a positive relationship between SC and FSC stands out. It also highlights the future challenge presented by research on the use of MS strategies, such as personalization and mass customization, as a productive response to the need for FCS.
Keywords: Literature Review, Customer Segmentation, Supply Chain Flexibility, Customer Microsegmentation, Mass Personalization

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